Terms of Use

We are not only happy, but also amazed that you made it to our Terms of Use page for our site www.raspberryketonesmax.net.

The people who work for us (our lawyers) wanted us to tell you that it was super important, and that we had to include it.

We thought at first that it was horribly boring and pointless to have this, but it turned out that after reading it, the information was great! It is important and you should read it. We even took the time to make it easier to read instead of all of the legalese that it was written in prior to us changing it.

This makes it easier for you to understand the important things in it, but also allows you to see that we are serious about our terms of use.

The reason that we run this website is so that you, as well as those like you, can use it as a form of personal entertainment, but also for cybergratification, education, communication, and as a way to gather information.

This is why you can feel free to browse the site for as long as you want, download stuff, and have fun. However, be aware that the information here is only to be used non-commercially. This means that you decide to mess with trademarks or copyrights, you are going to be in a huge deal of trouble. We will send out lawyers after you and that is not something that you want. That means that the trademarks and things should not be modified, transmitted, distributed, re-posted, reused, or messed with at all, unless you ask us.

We will not let you anyway, so please do not do any of the aforementioned things to the videos, audio, images, text or anything else on the sites.

When you visit this site, www.raspberryketonesmax.net, you are completely stuck with the terms and conditions that we listed below, and you have to listen to them. You also have to obey the laws that revolve around this site, the World Wide Web, the Internet, or Earth.

If you are not going to listen and abide by these rules, then you have to leave right now and cannot use our site.

Terms of Use – 11 Rules

  1. For the sake of covering all bases, you need to assume that everything on the site that is trademarked or copyrighted. You need to understand that it is ours and that we are allowed to use it. This means it is not yours at all and you cannot use it for any reason unless you ask. We will not let you anyway. The lawyers will veto our decision even if we give you permission, so do not bother.
  2. We do try to make sure that everything on our page is accurate, but we are not going to make any promises. The only thing that we promise you is that you are going to have a lot of fun on our site. You must agree that using things on this site is at your own risk. Do not contact us if you have an issue with it because we will not assume any type of responsibility or liability for it, or for any errors or omissions that you notice.
  3. Anybody that is involved in the creation, production, or delivery of this site, along with us, are not responsible for any types of damages that you suffer while using it. Our lawyers want you to know that we have a disclaimer in place that will not hold us liable for any type of indirect, direct, punitive, or consequential damages that arise out of your use of this site. In addition, everything on this site is provided to you “as is”, so do not take it at face value. This means that there are no warranties to keep you safe, and that you cannot use anything against us if you cause problems via our site. Although some jurisdictions might allow you to have access to certain warranties, most will not, so you need to exclude the above-mentioned things if you are in one of these jurisdictions. Also, please check your local laws to be sure that about any types of warranties that might be excluded or implied. This is a huge deal of information to take in, we know, but it is vital. This means that we are in no way, shape, or form responsible for any damages that occur to you or your Internet while you browse our wonderful site. We hope that nothing happens to you such as viruses infecting your computer, or the rare spirit attempting to possess you or your child, but if this does happen, you cannot blame us. Sorry!
  4. It is important to know that if you do not want the entire galaxy to know something about you that is personal or private, that you do not put it up. If you do put it up, which we will enjoy, you need to know that it becomes our property. We will find your parents and let them know about it, as well as send them copies of it, so be sure that you only post things you don’t mind others seeing! We have the right to produce, transmit, publish, post, or broadcast anything that you load to our page, even if it’s terrifying and will scar someone for life (we like that). This is why you should not share any techniques, concepts, ideas, expertise, or anything pertaining to the secrets of the universe to us. If you do, please know that we will develop, manufacture, include, market, and let everybody know about it.
  5. If you see pictures of people, places, or things on this site, you need to understand that they are either our property, or that we are using them with another person’s permission. These things are not your property and you cannot have them. Your friends cannot use them either unless we say they are allowed to, but we will not. So, please be sure that you do not use or violate any of our poor, innocent pictures or items. If you do, we will have to get the law after you, so keep everything to yourself.
  6. You will have seen many types of service marks, logos, and trademarks on our site as your browse through it. We own all of these or are using them with permission of the owner. This means that you do not have any type of license or rights to them. If you do not use them and try to steal them, we are going to be very upset. Also, be sure not to try to change or manipulate them. We do not want to see a variation of them on your page at any time, or anywhere else on the Internet. If we do see them, we are going to be very unhappy and send our cannibalistic lawyers after you.
  7. There are many links that we have on our page that lead to other places. While it is always fun to click on these, please be aware that we do not know everything that goes on at the destination of these links. Although we would love to be able to check and regulate their sites (not really), we just are not able to do so. So, browse them at your own peril. We cannot be held responsible for anything scary or mind altering that you discover on these sites.
  8. The things that you do on our site are very important to us. We do enjoy occasionally listening in on your chats, browsing your responses on the forum, learning your secrets, and looking at posts. However, we will not ever take responsibility for anything that you see on our page. This means that if libel, slander, defamation, omissions, mistakes, obscenity, obvious lies, profanity, or any pornography that you come across cannot be held against us. Likewise, be sure that you don’t post anything mean on our page such as nasty, profane, pornographic, scandalous, obscene, threatening, unlawful, libelous, or defamatory things that you might think are funny, or that we won’t get mad at. You do not know how upset we get, so do not risk our wrath. Also, do not be surprised if the police come to your door one morning because we were actually threatened or intimidated by what you posted. We reserve the right to protect ourselves, so be sure you do not put anything bad on our site.
  9. Any types of software or programs that you see on this site are actually protected by ninjas and laws that you may or may not know about. The Patriotic Laws that protect our site state that you cannot download, send, or view the software in any places such as North Korea, Syria, Iran, Cuba, Libya, Iraq, or any other place that the USA might have embargoed goods. In addition, you need to be sure that you do not send this information to anybody who is on the US Commerce Department’s Table of Deny Orders, the US Treasury Department list of Specially Designated Nationals or on the FBI list of Really Evil Bad People. In addition, if you live in these places or are on any of these lists, you need to leave right now. You cannot read our stuff, cannot use it, and surely must depart this place at once after you destroy your computer so nobody can prove you were here. Thanks!
  10. We have the right to change our page at any time. Duh! This means that you cannot get mad and hold it against us if we do. Sure, we might be able to let you know that our programmers are changing things, but we do not have to. If we change it then you are stuck with the changes, but should read them and understand them just in case. You do not want to miss any important details.
  11. If you or our web page people want to do something bad like to sue one another, which is always a terrible thing and should be used as a last resort, it is important to know that we must do so according to something called the Geneva Conventions. This means that the agreement in which we must abide by are going to be those within the United Kingdom, specifically London. This has no regard on conflict of laws or principles. If you have in any way, shape, of form, violated our sites, any of our partner sites, our employees, or any property of ours we are going to have to seek relief in the form of state or federal court. Sorry! We have to do this if it gets bad enough. This will be done in London within the United Kingdom under the watchful eyes of their people, and you must consent to the jurisdiction or venue of said law, which means you have to go there.

The way that we do this is that we will first try to have it resolved by a mediator within the United Kingdom. Any costs will be split between us save the price of any attorneys. If this does not work then we have to go to the big wigs. This means we will have to actually contact the American Arbitration Association and have a binding arbitration done with an important mediator. This will cause the judgment to be decided without either of us having a say in it, and we will have to live with those consequences.

In short, please do not cause any problems with us.

It is not worth it and things will go downhill fast. However, at least we are not going to feed you to our lawyers!

If you have any questions regarding these Terms of Use, you should visit our Contact page!

This will help you to contact us, www.raspberryketonesmax.net,  (please do not though, we are busy!) about problems you might have.

The day this Terms of Use was last updated was on November 8, 2013.