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Privacy is something that we all need (thus a privacy policy), and we want you to know our commitment, at, to yours.

The last update to our Privacy Policy was [date format=”F 7, Y” time=”last month”].

The privacy that you have is very important to us.

This is why our responsibility is to protect your privacy, but also to be serious about your data and anything else that you decide to provide us. This is something that we will use frequently do on our site to ensure you are safe, and this is also why we have a good Privacy Policy to help you understand how and why we collect data, and the way we use it.

  1. Customer account and membership account information that you provide to us is going to be held strictly within our confidence. It will not ever be rented or sold to third parties, and it will only be used for purposes such as providing the services that we describe on our site, The information we use in this way is your address, password, phone number, email address, and even credit card and payment information.
  2. Our website,, uses certain subscription forms in order for individuals to get information for our email newsletters or email alerts. These are going to be based on categories of interest, and we collect information for contact like your names, email address, or other types of data. This will be used for you to be provided with important information, but you need to know that we won’t rent or sell this information to any affiliates or third parties.
  3. We are able to provide opportunities for an opt-in opportunity if you wish to receive our emails, as well as a way to choose which you will receive. We use the address that you provide us at registration to validate who you are. When you reply to this email, you will complete your subscription to any newsletter or email that we run. You are able to change this at any time if you wish. You can also unsubscribe with an email address and subscribe to a new one if you desire. You can also choose to unsubscribe or opt-out of any certain lists or newsletters that you have received before. When you do this, you must include the lists that you wish to no longer be a part of. Also, please be aware that when you send any type of email to us we might retain these in order to process your requests faster, but also to improve our service quality.
  4. Any members, customers, or users for our services will be engaged in relationships that are transactional not only to our site, buy any affiliates we must use for our services. We might use this at times to communicate with you for certain services, or for deliveries. We may also collect information such as email, postal address, phone numbers, or your name in order to help you register for better experiences. Our site also uses cookies in order to help provide you with a better quality of experience. This also helps us to learn about the types of services that we can offer you in order to enhance your experiences. Our servers might also log and/or record things such as your IP address, browser type, URL, domain name, access times and dates, the type of operating system you have, your country of origin, page views, user sessions, and even language type. These types of things help us to better diagnose issues and problems, and deliver services.
  5. At times, we might use your personal information, which you have provided us with in order to provide the services that you request, but also for our own types of research. We use this to analyze and operate, as well as improve, the services that we offer you. We may use it to help you select better products. We might share aggregate non-personal information with certain affiliates of ours. When we do this and share information is simply means they are going to be helping us to process information, but we ensure that they comply with the Privacy Policy that we have, but also with our security and confidentiality. If we do share this information, be assured that we only do so in limited circumstances. Some of these circumstances may occur if we suspect imminent harm, fraud, or in order to ensure that the security of our site is safe. We may also conduct certain surveys in order to improve the services that we offer.
  6. Our site does contain certain links to third party and affiliate sites. These sites have not and probably will not be covered under our policy, but we do attempt to see that they work, even if we cannot guarantee the content of the websites in question. As always, we hope that you will use due diligence when investigating these sites and that you check their policies. Our site may also present certain links that help us track which links you have followed. This helps us to enhance and improve the quality of services we offer.
  7. We use a great combination of different third party and internal advertising companies in order to serve the ads on our website to you. We also use these in our emails based on personal information that we have collected. To track how effective these things are and in order to give you a better experience we collect information about your visits. The information types that we collect are geographical locations, cookie and historical data, and IP addresses. We do not at any time provide any types of personal information to any advertisers, however, but be aware that when you interact with an ad or any advertisers, that you might be consenting to a possible advertiser soliciting you based on certain criteria you displayed.
  8. The DoubleClick DART Cookie is used by many companies. Google and other third party vendors might use these cookies to help serve ads on our property. This type of cookie lets them serve ads that are based on visits to our website, as well as different types of sites on the Internet. You may in fact opt out of the Google Dart DoubleClick cookie for advertising if you visit You can also opt-out of certain third party vendors’ cookies if you visit
  9. Our site has a reasonable amount of security measures in place in order to protect not only our information, but yours as well. This helps prevent loss, alteration, and misuse of any information that we have under our control. This includes management procedures and specialized types of training for people who work with our databases in a direct way. We always make sure that we take measures against any type of access that is unauthorized such as that of personal data. We do this with the consideration of the stored data in mind, therefore restricting access to only those employees, agents, technicians, and contractors who we need to allow to work, operate, deliver and innovate our services.
  10. We will from time to time need to update our Privacy Policy. If this does happen and there are material changes, we will do our best to notify you. This will be done via email, which we allowed you to opt-in to when you registered, but you can also opt out of this. However, be aware that if you have opted out of notifications from us you will not be contacted about these changes. You will also not have to worry about personal information being shared or used. This is why we encourage you to review and check out our policy on a regular basis to see if any changes have taken place.

From time to time, we will occasionally update our Privacy Policy for our site at

If there are any changes to the way we use your personal information, we will notify via email and provide you the opportunity to opt-out before any major change has been made. However, if you have chosen to opt out of communication from us you will not be contacted, nor will your personal information be used in this new manner. We encourage you to periodically review our privacy policy to be informed of how we are committed to protecting your privacy.

However, you can always decline any type of information being given to our services, but this will greatly dampen the quality of service we can give you.

We do make a large effort to be sure that your privacy is safe.

However, we might need to disclose certain types of information if the law requires us to, or in the event of a belief that this type of thing is necessary in order to stay true to the law, or even to comply with certain legal processes.

If you need to contact us, please feel free to do so on our Contact Page.

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