Affiliate Disclosure

Disclosure: Compensation disclosure for our site raspberry ketones max dot net.

You must be sure that you always conduct your very own investigation (be diligent) before you buy products or any services from a person or company on the Internet.

This includes any products sold on this site,, and any others.

The Federal Trade Commission has specific mandates that are followed. The 16 CFR Part 255 Guides that Concern the Use of Endorsement and Testimonials.

These are the disclosures that we use.

1. Connection between Materials

Unless we state otherwise on the site, please assume that any references that we made for products or services on our site are made due to the material connect that exists between the owner of the website and the providers of the product or services that are being mentioned.

2. Recommendations of Good Faith

The Owner of this site does recommend the products and services offered in this website, for example raspberry ketones max, due to a good belief faith that the products and services mentioned will help those people who buy them.

This is in good faith because the owner has either tried the service or product being offers, or the owner has done enough research into the reputation of the person providing said product or service and made an executive decision that the service or product offered are indeed good enough to be recommended for use. The representations that are made by the owner about the various products or services mentioned do in fact reflect an honest opinion based upon the facts that the owner has gathered and then mentioned on the site.

3. Due Diligence and Potential Bias

The opinion that the owner has on the product or service offered at this site may be formed (subconsciously or consciously) in part based on what the owner is being compensated for, or will be compensated for, by the provider of the product of service.

There are some instances where the owner and provider actually have a personal or business relationship that does not involve the owner receiving any type of compensation regarding the products or service offered. However, this type of relationship is enough to establish a connection based on the materials that the Owner and Provider work with.

Because there is in fact some type of material connection between the Provider and Owner of these products and services, you must always assume that the owner may be biased because of this relationship, or because the owner will receive some type of valuable or be compensated by the provider.

This is the reason why you need to perform your own research with diligence before buying any services or products from this or any other site.

4. Types of Compensation

Depending on the products or services in question, the Owner may receive different compensation. The Owner might receive things like complimentary services, products, or even money from a specific Provider before the products or services being offered are even mentioned on this site. This may or may not include what happens when you purchase either from this site or an affiliate the products or services offered.

5. Questions about Services and Products.

The goal of the owner of this site,, is to ensure that you have a pleasant experience.

If you have any questions at all regarding products or services on this site, please contact the owner of the site and ask these questions prior to making any purchases.

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The last update of this Compensation Disclosure was October 28, 2013.